Soul Sisters

Hello guys, How was everybody’s Christmas? I’m sure you’re still eating leftovers until the new year! Now that we’re almost … More

Arkbow 2.0 (Top 8)

Update: Used the deck last November 30, 2019 and got into the top 8 from a WPN pre-qualifier event with … More


What’s up guys! First of all, I didn’t quit playing Magic (no one really quits Magic for real) and I … More

White Metal

Hello everyone, Wow. Wow. Woooow. What happened to me?! I guess a lot because it has taken me away from … More

I’m not dead yet

Hi Everyone, I received a number of inquiries over the TFA’s facebook page and through the blog site asking if … More

Sultai Saga

Hello everyone, The Mythic Championship is among us and I’m sure you’re rooting for some of the players and like … More

Black Boros

Hi guys and gals, welcome back to the Lab! I seriously need help. I can’t seem to let go of … More