[STD]Midrange Quandary

Hello Brewers, First, let me congratulate all the Filipino Planeswalkers who got the invite to the Protour and those who got into the top 8! It's always nice to see our fellow Filipinos getting some well-deserved spotlight where their skills and deckbuilding skills are showcased and celebrated. I'm sure they gave all their opponents a... Continue Reading →

[PIO]Top 8 with 9 Lives

Meeeeeooowww... It took me 1 week to study how I could possibly take advantage of a semi-defined meta filled with Mono-Red, Rakdos Midrange, Greasefangs, and Mono-Green, and bring a deck that's not over complicated and people won't be prepared for. The common denominator across most decks in Pioneer is winning with damage. Apart from the... Continue Reading →


Hello Brewers, The inspiration for today's deck tech. Enchantress is a Tier 2 archetype in Magic that combines card draw, life gain, and enchantments to overwhelm your opponents. Because enchantments are typically not easy to interact with as most competitive decks focus on creature, planeswalker, and artifact removal, the subtle power of enchantments can oftentimes... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, Let's shift gear and turn into some aggressive strategies for Pioneer. The most common aggressive archetype in the format is trumped by Mono Red, Spirits, and Humans. There is another well-known species that loves going into the red zone, and it's the Eldrazi. Back when Eye of Ugin was legal in Modern, you... Continue Reading →

We have a second home!

Hello everyone, We now have a Facebook group which will make it easier for us to talk and discuss brews, deck ideas, winning jank lists, and crazy card interactions! I can't wait to get the discussions going on a faster, more convenient platform apart from the blog! See you there! Vanson

Soul Sisters

Hello guys, How was everybody's Christmas? I'm sure you're still eating leftovers until the new year! Now that we're almost at the end of 2019, I'd like to leave you guys with another deck tech before we say goodbye to the year that was, and welcome a new decade in 2020! Soul Sisters have been... Continue Reading →

Arkbow 2.0 (Top 8)

Update: Used the deck last November 30, 2019 and got into the top 8 from a WPN pre-qualifier event with 28 players (5 rounds). Went to a 3-1-1 finish against: Korvold Food: 0-2, consider playing Leyline of the Void in the side. Sultai Jace: 1-1-1 UW Control: 2-1 Izzet Flash: 2-0 RB Sacrifice: 2-0 Lost... Continue Reading →

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