About the Lab

Hi Everyone,

My name is Alvanson, and welcome to the Lab.

The Forbidden Alchemy opened its doors on September 23, 2017 because I wanted to give back to the Magic community more than just playing. When I started playing Magic in 1996, I always had this mindset that Magic is a deck building game and that’s my favorite aspect of the game until this day. Mixing and matching different cards to give birth to crazy and fun interactions and synergies have been the most enjoyable games for me and this is why the TFA blog is dedicated to home brews I concoct myself during my free time.

Me at the GP

Don’t get me wrong – I am a competitive player but its a personal choice for me not to use meta decks. I enjoy being competitive on my own rules riding behind the Jank and Funk philosophy.

In 2019, I decided to expand TFA’s horizon by catering to the Spike players who also subscribe to the blog. Magic is fundamentally a sport and there are athletes who will train to win. Let me introduce to you the two newest additions to the Lab.

Nicholas Price


Nicholas Price is a competitive player who hails from the South of the Metro. He is known to sport the GotGame team shirt when playing in large tournaments, but still calls the Dusky Boi Legion his home. He contributes Standard meta deck discussions for the Lab.

Julio Espina

Julio Espina

Julio is a former Judge who hails from Bacolod who loves everything about Magic. He eats, sleeps and drink MTG-related content ranging from online articles, video replays, tweets, streams and podcasts. He absolutely loves Modern, plays really good standard, competitive in drafting and dips his hands on Vintage sometimes. He will write across these formats for the Lab.

PS. Julio is happily married in case you’re wondering.

Copyright – the MTG related images I use here are not mine. I just borrow them from the great artist and WoTC to make my blog come to life!