[Series]Nominations Requested!

Hello Brewers,

A series I’ve been meaning to introduce is one that centers around real Filipino players or personalities that have helped make our Magic community more energetic and elevated. This series will rely on your nominations on who you think we should feature in the series.

The series will include themes represented by Magic cards that illustrate why we’re celebrating that individual. The themes are:

The Combat Celebrant

Combat Celebrants are players that show excellent skills in playing the game. Whether they consistently dominate your local store or represent the Philippines on the global stage, we should celebrate our best players and get a chance to peek into their world and perhaps learn a thing or two from them that can help us improve our game.

The Tycoon

Tycoons are the people that we know build the most expensive decks. But beyond that, they show off the bling by playing showcase artwork, etched and textured foils, foreign black borders, misprints, and even miscuts. They are collectors first before they are players and the Magic community always enjoys seeings their cards laid out on the table no matter if they’re winning or losing.

The Merchant

We all love our Magic merchants who live by the code “buy cheap, sell cheap”. But we can’t ignore those that “buy cheap, sell high” either because they both give us access to the cards we need for our decks. I know there are sellers that have integrated themselves into our community, and whose names have become part of our household when we’re looking for those hard-to-find cards. Let’s celebrate them and maybe they’ll give us a discount!

The Innkeeper

Cards are pointless if you don’t have a place to play them. Our Innkeepers are our friendly neighborhood shopowners that host events and tournaments, sell sealed merchandise and accessories, and offer a space to play those casual commander games. Without them, we would never be able to experience competitive play and meet amazing people who put the Gathering in MTG.

The Judge.

Every competitive REL event needs a judge and without them, we would never get a shot to be part of the Regional Championships or APAC Leagues. But apart from making events happen, they are also our source of important game rules and play information that helps us understand the game better, which results in better plays and improved deck building.

And that’s it. I hope everyone in the community would help me by connecting TFA with these personalities so that we can celebrate their contributions to our community together!


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