[STD]Midrange Quandary

Hello Brewers, First, let me congratulate all the Filipino Planeswalkers who got the invite to the Protour and those who got into the top 8! It's always nice to see our fellow Filipinos getting some well-deserved spotlight where their skills and deckbuilding skills are showcased and celebrated. I'm sure they gave all their opponents a... Continue Reading →

[STD]BW Legends

Hey Brewers, I'm sure everyone's excited to see how the Brother's War will shape the meta for Standard, and even Pioneer. But before we dive into BRO brews, here's one last take on the current standard set - BW Legends. When I saw Ratadrabik spoiled, my first thought was a kindergarten kid named this card... Continue Reading →

[PIO]Markov Midrange

Hello Brewers, If you're like me, you love Magic lore and one particular character has a very colorful story. Unlike the more prominent storylines of Jace and Liliana's love affair, to Bolas and Ugin's sibling rivalry, all the way to Chandra and Nissa's unique affection towards each other, the Markov family represented by Edgar and... Continue Reading →

[STD]Till Death Do Us part

Weddings are wonderful. Except when you marry the wrong person. But in any case, weddings are intricate ceremonies that require a lot of planning, preparation, and flawless execution. Weddings need so many little elements to make the event magical. From decorations to flowers, to outfits, and even to the invitation, every piece adds to the... Continue Reading →

[STD]Cabaretti Petstore

Standard events are having a hard time assembling enough players, and a lot of players are saying that it's slowly a dying format because of how ridiculously expensive the format has become. Although some may argue that the cards that make the format expensive are playable in other non-rotating formats like Pioneer and Modern, the... Continue Reading →

[PIO]Top 8 with 9 Lives

Meeeeeooowww... It took me 1 week to study how I could possibly take advantage of a semi-defined meta filled with Mono-Red, Rakdos Midrange, Greasefangs, and Mono-Green, and bring a deck that's not over complicated and people won't be prepared for. The common denominator across most decks in Pioneer is winning with damage. Apart from the... Continue Reading →

[STD] Selesnya Enchantress

Hello Brewers, With Brothers' War coming soon, the Standard format will be in full swing again! As you read this, you might also be anticipating the banned & restricted announcement that is rumored to hit some staples in Modern and Pioneer. So let's stick to Standard for now, and see if we can break some... Continue Reading →

[PIO]Black Sun

Hi Brewers! Magic is basically a rock-paper-scissor game made complicated by the different layers in which this game is played. My personal principle in building unconventional brews is that all decks, both meta and non-meta alike, need to win the "war of attrition". Wikipedia defines a 'war of attrition as "a dynamic timing game in... Continue Reading →

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