Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

Hello everyone!

I’m sure all of you are busy preparing for new year’s eve dinner, pulling out all the fancy cutlery, exquisite bottles of whiskey, putting on your new clothes while surrounded by family and friends as you count down the remaining minutes of 2018.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continuous patronage to the blog. I am ecstatic by the support you guys give just by reading, commenting, liking and sharing the post.  What started as a hobby, I am pretty impressed myself with how well the blog is performing. I don’t measure performance through sponsorships or free stuff (‘cuz we don’t have these yet) but instead by the resounding affirmation that you guys like what I do, which is why I keep doing it!

Here are the stats for the blog site, and I have all of you to thank!

56,695 views. 31,797 visitors.

Asylum Visitor

Now that’s a lot of clicks and a lot of guest coming in and out of the lab. I may not have hit my 100,000 views because of work commitments and preparation done for my wedding, I am impressed the lab had this much traffic!

2018 Most Clicked Article:

UW Angels in Dominaria

Lyra Dawnbringer

With 2,615 total views, I am surprised my speculation brew raised the most eyebrows this year. I wouldn’t say this was my favorite deck tech but it was an eye-opener to me that a lot of people actually like speculative deck building. I’ll do more of this for Ravnica Allegiance once there are more spoilers to work with!

110 Countries!

World Map

Genghis Khan would have been very proud by how much the blog has penetrated over 100 countries in 2018. Though the Philippines makes up for 27,407 views which is normal since I plug it through our local MTG Facebook page, I am somewhat dumbfounded on how people from countries like Slovakia, Turkey, Russia, UAE, Uruguay, Iceland, and even Maldives stumbled upon the Lab. I hope to meet you guys in future tournaments all around the world! Don’t be shy to say ‘Hi’!

Goals for 2019!

I try to make the blog more information, entertaining and engaging. I recently purchased a webcam, trying to get a higher broadband plan, playing around stream technologies, and hopefully bring you video content soon!

I also plan to go into some TFA-related merchandise. I lot of card shops and local MTG teams have already made their brands known so why not the blog? You don’t need to be in a team or a local shop patron to show some fashion sense.

TFA Shirt

I’ll keep this post short because I don’t want you to spend so much time here. Go back to your family and friends, enjoy their company, ready the fireworks and I’ll see you all back here next year!

Happy new year everyone!


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