29th of 400 with BG Undergrowth

I didn't make top 8, but 10 of my opponents along with dozens more were very happy to spectate, listen to play-by-plays, and witness the power of BG Undergrowth yesterday as I piloted the deck to a 7-3 finish after 10 rounds. Losing mostly to missed land drops and mulliganing down to 5. A quick... Continue Reading →

27th at the Nationals. 613 players.

Cover Photo: Freddie Tan Hello Alchemist, After 20 years of playing Magic, this is the most successful run I have ever had in my life. The fact that I mainly play brews, jank decks and fringe lists, I am very happy to finally see my name in the rankings without scrolling down the list. I... Continue Reading →

Bringing Brews to GP – Part 2

Hello everyone, Let's continue with rounds 5 through 8 with my brew below. Round 5 - vs. BW Knights (1-1-1) Game 1, I almost lost this game when the opponent had main board Ixalan's Binding and placed it on top of my Mirari Conjecture but thankfully I drew my single copy of Blink of an... Continue Reading →

Bringing Brews to a GP – Part 1

Hello everyone, Grand Prix Singapore is now wrapped up and in the books but the experience of bringing brews to GPs will always remain etched in my memory. As you all know, my first feature article by WotC was back in GP Manila in 2017 when the standard meta was Pro or Anti-Aetherworks Marvel. I... Continue Reading →

Match Report: Pia’s Revolution (8-1)

Hello Alchemist, I took the deck I wrote about here and made 4 iterations before I piloted it for our local store championships, for the chance to win the Teferi championship playmat and a Dominaria pre-release pass. The tournament gathered 47 players entering round 1, resulting to 6 swiss rounds and a cut to top... Continue Reading →

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