Mirrodin Besieged

I need to stop.

Brewing in modern is dangerously addictive and I seriously need to stop as I have 3 orders that need shipping and I’m sure the card store is wondering “what the fuck is going on with this customer?”

If you don’t know me by now, I love winning with style. Even if I don’t win that often, the games are definitely memorable whenever I do.

I win! You lose!

Very few cards in the game automatically win you the game, and there are even fewer cards that say that your opponents lose. It’s basically wordsmithing but there is a distinct sense of joy to say “you lose” versus “I win”. It’s less conceited, maybe? But definitely, it sounds more decisive.

Mirrodin Besieged is a card that offers an early-game advantage and a late-game win condition all in one card. In an artifact-heavy shell, it allows you to go super wide. In the same shell, drawing it late in the game can make you win on that turn. Unlike other ‘auto-win’ conditions that happen during your upkeep, choosing ‘Phyrexian’ on the turn you play Mirrodin Besiege will win you the game (for as long as your opponent doesn’t wipe your graveyard clean – we’ll get to this later).

Etherium Sculptor brings our mana curve down to ‘free’ levels, with most of our spells in the deck costing 1 or 2, we will achieve Affinity speeds without necessarily running affinity-based cards. Chief Engineer is our 5th copy of Etherium Sculptor just to make sure we consistently draw them early. Locket of Yesterdays plays a unique role but it won’t be backbreaking if we don’t draw into it. We will be sacrificing a lot of our artifacts and having them in the graveyard will turn Locket into a Sculptor as well.

We are focused on artifacts that replace themselves with another card to keep us churning through our deck. Together with other 0-mana creatures to offer early defenses like Memnite and Ornithopter, getting them killed in combat will slowly add up to satisfy Mirron Besiege’s win condition.

Second Win Condition

In the event that we get stomped by graveyard hate, we got another way to win via Grinding Station. We will pick ‘Mirran’ from Mirrodin Besiege and start churning out 1/1 Myrs that will feed and reset the Grinding station and mill our opponent out. It’s not difficult to get 10 or more activation from this across very few turns.

The deck.

In the sideboard, we got some counter magic to prevent Karn from hitting the table. If Karn hits and we don’t have our Mirrodin Besieged out set to Mirran, we’re finished.

Because our shell isn’t really flexible too, our sideboard pieces will be very specific and very directed. As an example, we can’t really reduce the number of ‘eggs’ because that’s our ammo for our engine. We also can’t remove too many creatures because they disable our Springleaf Drum and we lose our discount cards.

Metal Moat

Against aggressive decks, we bring in Ensnaring Bridges in. We’re usually hellbent (old school term for not having cards in hand) so nothing can really attack you. If you do draw your one card during your turn, your 1/1 Myrs can attack, then you play whatever your draw and you don’t need to leave anything to block.

We’re the only ones playing the graveyard game.

Tormod’s Crypt is another 0-mana rock we can sac, and get some value from it. This slows down the Murktide decks, slows down Dredge and Living End decks, and screws up Reanimator decks.

Sometimes a blocker. Sometimes a finisher.

Sai is a redundancy to the go-wide plan. Just take note that Sai makes flying 1/1s that can sometimes win the game for you, while the 1/1 myrs hold the defenses. His 4-toughness is also pretty important against Mono Red decks and is out of Bolt range.


There are cards I considered adding to the shell, but struggle to make room. Echoing Truth is there to answer threats the get through your countermagic. Thoughtcast is another card that I wanted to squeeze in but I figured, we may not have 4 artifacts in play after all the sacrificing we’re doing. Lastly is a threat in Patchwork Automaton which can get really big, really quick.

Got Cash?

Another card that will significantly boost the power of this deck is Urza’s Saga. It comes to play untapped, it gives you a threat that grows bigger as the game goes, and eventually fetches you another artifact to crack. $40 is a big spend for a fun deck but heck, if you got this already lying around, then go ahead and chuck four copes in and replace four islands.

That’s it for now, till next time!


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