Mirrodin Besieged

I need to stop. Brewing in modern is dangerously addictive and I seriously need to stop as I have 3 orders that need shipping and I'm sure the card store is wondering "what the fuck is going on with this customer?" If you don't know me by now, I love winning with style. Even if... Continue Reading →

Tron Welder

When Magic was relatively young, cards were far more powerful and quite imbalanced compared to today's more moderated cards. Despite the smaller card pool, a lot of professional players tried to break cards to their limit, abusing certain formats with them, and some even led to cards getting banned. Smarter with little education. Goblin Welder... Continue Reading →

3 is the magic number!

A ton of Magic cards revolve around the number 3. Whether its Lightning Bolt dealing 3 damage to any target or its equal, but less loved, counterpart Healing Salve that prevents or gains you 3 life, down to some of the game's most hated cards like Teferi, Time Raveler that costs 3 mana. The number... Continue Reading →

A SEMBLANCE of hope for Modern Combo?

What’s brewing guys? So before anything else, let me preface this article by narrating my gnawing frustration with WotC’s recent decision to once again shake up the modern format by banning the king of solitary combo, Krak-Clan Ironworks. Clickitty clack... Just kidding. I’ll have you relish that memory of quietly smirking in delight when you... Continue Reading →

Flirting with Modern

Hello Everyone, Hold your horses, I didn't quit Standard. But because its modern season, I want to share what I'm using whenever I play modern. Recently I placed 16th in a 47-man modern PPTQ with a 3-1-2 record. I won against RB Hollow One, Hardened Scales and UR Kiki-Mite, then drew to Bant Reliquary and... Continue Reading →

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