Nexus of Fate – Breaking Standard?

Nexus of Fate

This is honestly my favorite card to break. Several players in the internet have tried brewing with the deck and many have been very successful. A recent deck in MTGO went 5-0 with a Bant List. I also saw a Sultai Turns (SulTurns), a reddit list that proposed Grixis Turns, and Saffron Olive made a Bant Turns that really punished his opponents and beating the opponent with zero permanents. Zac Elsik, who sort of invented the Bant List, is becoming my new favorite ‘pro-player’ because he was one of the reasons I placed 27th in the Nationals with Sifter Wurm. We had a chat with Zac and he suggested that I squeeze in a couple of Abrade which were crucial in winning the race against Mono Red, RB and Kiran.dec’s.

Approach of the Second Sun

I have been observing the card since I got my own box and how it will fit in decks after rotation. Since many of the cards in current meta decks are rotating, it frees up so many slots. Approach decks can just swap it with Nexus, Fumigate for Cleansing Nova, Disallow for Cancel, and Teferi plus Search for Azcanta, then you got yourself a new UW Control.

Torrential GearhulkPatient Rebuilding

Grixis decks that run Torrential can swap it for Nexus and just ride Nicol Bolas to victory, backed up by Lightning Strikes, Murder, Cast Down and maybe Vraska’s Contempt. Don’t forget we can go the mill route and win with Patient Rebuilding (I have a deck that runs this as the win condition).

The Scarab GodChromium, the MutableNezahal, Primal Tide

For UB midrange/control decks that run TSG, they can also use Nexus on this slot, keep all the best removal in the deck and Search for Azcanta and win with Chromium by splashing White, or win with Nezahal.

I have yet to see an aggressive list that uses Nexus of Fate but I am already brewing myself an Omniscience deck to further funkify Nexus. At $50 today (P2,000-2,500) based on MTGGoldfish’s price indicator, that’s almost half the value of the box you just bought. That’s even more expensive than the tried-and-tested staples of current Standard.

Do you need to hoard this? Maybe? Is it worth buying into? Why not? Can I sell it quickly if I don’t eventually use it? There are a bunch of EDH players who might like this card. But if you ask me these questions, you should know my answer.


If you see me in the next event, you should know that my deck will surely have 4 of these bad boys!


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