Make Mill Great Again

Fraying SanityPsychic CorrosionPatient Rebuilding

So we got new mill cards in Standard and I can’t help reminisce a brew I took to a top 8 PPTQ that milled my opponent as its primary win condition using zombies and Embalmer’s Tools. This deck was extremely grindy and we use the different embalm and eternalized creatures as a cushion from incoming damage early on and block-tap the zombie tokens to mill them.

Rekindling PhoenixSteel Leaf ChampionTeferi, Hero of Dominaria

The meta in which my deck performed surprisingly well was before Ixalan and Dominaria so very fast red decks, very large green decks, and very crazy UW decks were still not as powerful as they are now.

So what shell would make Mill feasible? Bant Approach decks used mill as a secondary win condition if they can’t go via the Approach path.

Arch of OrazcaSpring // Mind

I like how Arch of Orazca and Mind work well with Psychic Corrosion which allows you to essentially mill 2-4 cards per activation/cast. With Fraying Sanity out, that’s 4-8 cards a turn which is not bad if you hide behind 2/2 zombie tokens, Maze of Iths and Fumigates.

Pull from TomorrowChampion of Wits

How about UB Mill? Using Pull from Tomorrow and Champion of Wits to really cash in with Psychic Corrosion on the battlefield? That’s 4-8 cards with Wits and X*2 cards with Pull, and that’s without Fraying Sanity out. Since we can protect ourselves with Cast Downs, Fatal Pushes, Yahenni’s Expertise and The Scarab God, I think UB is also another great option.

Ipnu RivuletCrucible of Worlds

Lastly, for a couple of months we can still enjoy Ipnu Rivulet and Crucible of Worlds together and really go crazy with the mill plan.

I’m merely thinking out loud here (on paper) for ways to make Mill great again but this time, I leave it to you guys to experiment on these foundational concepts and let me know if you have the same idea. Hit me up on the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe to the page!

I’ll be posting my own mill list soon once I get the cards and do a bit of testing!



2 thoughts on “Make Mill Great Again

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  1. I’ve been working on a UW Mill using UW Approach as the shell. Removing 2-3 Approach, removing 1 land down to 26, and removing a Blink and a Teferi, adding 3 Corrosion and 2 Patient Rebuilding. Getting a good initial hand is really pivotal for success especially against pretty much any aggro build. I saw a UB Mill that a YouTuber posted, haven’t had any success with that. Been hearing rumblings of a UG Mill, but I am not seeing how that’d be useful unless, like you eluded to, capitalizing on ramp and things like Hour of Promise. So many options, so many ways to mill, so few Grindstone’s being used… looking forward to what you generate.


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