Consulate Crackdown

Back in Kaladesh, the Consulate has issued a crackdown on all inventions while Dovin Baan does the pseudo-dirty work for Tezzeret while he makes use of his time playing with Rashmi’s Paradox Engine.

Today’s deck tech follows this particular episode in the storyline and we will take Dovin Baan’s perspective as he tries to take control of the fair and restore order.

To control the creatures that cause problems at the fair, we will play Consulate Surveillance. With enough energy, we can shut down creatures and spells from dealing damage. Take note it’s “a source of your choice” so we don’t target and we can select a Hexproof source. Imagine negating Hour of Devastation or Hazoret, or a hexproof Pummeler or even Carnage Tyrant.

To avoid causing more problems done by runaway inventions, Dovin Baan confiscated trinkets, servos and vehicles to totally shut the fair down.

Having problems with Longtusk Cub? A Gideon knocking on your door? A Ripjaw Raptor provoking you to block and trigger Enrage? Slap the Aether Meltdown for early removal and start the energy running.

The services of Baral was also employed to ensure everyone’s compliance. He’s responsible for denying whatever you’re planning to do, big or small, serious or trivial. No questions asked.

To fuel the Consul’s security initiatives, we need a constant supply of energy and the Dynavolt Towers that were erected functioned as both generators and prosecutor of violators. Casting Confiscation Coup with Dynavolt out will get you 6 energy which allows you to take almost every creature in standard now without Hexproof.

As head inspector of the Spire, Dovin ensures those left running are subdued.

Enough story telling, here’s my UW Tower Crackdown:

Artifact: 4

4 Dynavolt Tower

Enchantment: 9

4 Aether Meldown
2 Search for Azcanta
3 Consulate Surveilllance

Spells: 20

3 Disallow
2 Farm // Market
1 Commit // Memory
4 Negate
3 Confiscation Coup
2 Fumigate

Planeswalker: 3

3 Dovin Baan

Lands: 24

4 Glacial Fortress
4 Irrigated Farmland
11 Island
6 Plains

Sideboard: 15

3 Authority of the Consul
3 Fragmentize
4 Supreme Will
3 Approach of the Second Sun
2 Ixalan’s Binding

The deck fashions a similar shell with the UW Approach but leaned towards utilizing energy and be more proactive in dealing damage with Dynavolt and shutting thing down with Surveillance.

The sideboard is transformative, turning the entire deck into a standard Approach deck. I purposely copied the shell so the 15 cards will still make the deck feel complete.

Back to the story, Authority of the Consul stops aggressive troublemakers in their tracks, allowing you to set up your board without worrying about your life totals. It also makes your opponent commit to the board for a much bigger Fumigate.

Dovin hates imperfections and so do we. Fragmentize destroys valuable artifacts and enchantments like cast Out, Ixalan’s Binding and opposing Search of Azcanta.

I’m sure Chandra will not approve of this deck but I think its spicy, oozing with flavor, and is actually competitive to win local FNMs.

Let me know if you love the Consul by commenting below.



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