Walker Control

Care for a story? If you follow the story line back in Kaladesh, you will know that Tezzeret manipulated Dovin Baan to work for him and stop the Gatewatch from meddling with his plan of taking control of the planes' artifact creations and subdue the power that lies within the Planar Bridge. Nicol Bolas has... Continue Reading →

U/W Mill

Hello everyone, I have to be honest. I'm not getting as much playtime as I did before and I have grown a bit detached on the meta scene. I am however beefing up on stream replays from SCG, MTGO celebrities and the recent protour to know what's in and what's not. I really like the... Continue Reading →

Patiently Rebuilding

Hello Alchemists, More than the card that today's article suggests, I am taking some time rebuilding many things I have left unattended due to the preparations I made for the Nationals. Alas, things have caught up to me so I need to lay low on the card slinging and focus on my home renovation, wedding... Continue Reading →

UW Angels in Dominaria

Hello everyone, A lot of people have been talking about the newest set that brings a nostalgic feel back to Magic. With the Weatherlight Crew coming back in full force and with the Gatewatch tagging along, I can't help but look at this as one big crazy reunion. With some spoilers getting hyped across all... Continue Reading →

Azor’s Gateway

Azor's Gateway went into a BG shell that went 5-0 in an MTGO competitive league. This caught Eric Froehlich's attention and he wrote about it in Channel Fireball. In my local meta, I also found RB players and Mono-Black players trying this artifact out thanks to Reddit and Saffron Olive who made a deck that... Continue Reading →

Ipnu Blue(White) – Budget

So Ramunap Red is gone. Standard lost its free shock in the form of Ramunap Ruins and many RR players are trying to salvage the shell and find ways to put more reach into their decks. Together with the loss of Rampaging Ferocidon, RR players have more reasons to slap in more Chandra, possible go... Continue Reading →

Anointed Sanity

Hi everyone, I was playing some holiday Monday afternoon magic at my LGS and out of 4 games, my brewed UG Energy Mill using Fraying Sanity and Fleet Swallower successfully milled out my opponent once. Although the combo is sweet, it's extremely hard to pull off because you need to stay alive, set-up your combo... Continue Reading →

Get a life!

The standard format of today is won by combat damage most of the time. Agree? If you look at the gauntlets of Ixalan standard, all the decks except Approach wins through combat damage. Whether you die quickly with haste creatures, die relative fast with value creatures, or die a horrible death through massive punches, you... Continue Reading →

UW Tokens

Hello guys, Today I want to share with you a twist of the Abzan Tokens deck that plays more proactively but still enjoy the same synergy and at a lower cost. Token decks have been taking the meta by storm in the past couple weeks thanks to Ixalan's Vraska, Relic Seeker who took the deck's... Continue Reading →

Consulate Crackdown

Back in Kaladesh, the Consulate has issued a crackdown on all inventions while Dovin Baan does the pseudo-dirty work for Tezzeret while he makes use of his time playing with Rashmi's Paradox Engine. Today's deck tech follows this particular episode in the storyline and we will take Dovin Baan's perspective as he tries to take... Continue Reading →

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