Hark the Herald Angel Sing

Hello Alchemists, Christmas is around the corner and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. As we start buying gifts for our family and friends, why not share the yuletide season cheer in your local game store by playing a bunch of angels?! But I'm not talking about these bad girls because they are... Continue Reading →

Selesnya Elves

Hello everyone, While I wait for my 10:00pm call, let's sneak in a deck tech shall we? Dominaria and M19 gave us some usable elves and some did see some standard play. Cards like Llanowar Elves powered a turn 2 Steel Leaf Champion (which is also an elf), and Thorn Lieutenant was a bane for... Continue Reading →

Shalai, Voice of Saprolings

Hello everyone, I love you guys so much that I want to squeeze in 1 more article before I prepare for my Thailand trip. Let's talk about Saprolings for a minute, shall we? A lot of people have tried building Saprolings all over the internet and I find it refreshing to see some players who... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone and welcome back to the lab! Today's deck tech is inspired by a friend of mine, Ian Joshua, who played GW aggro that uses Adorned Pouncer, Sram's Expertise cascading into free Servo Exhibitions, and Appeal-to-Authority to give his Adorned Pouncer a huge boost in power and trample to hit me with 14-16 damage.... Continue Reading →


Can you count how many Sacred Cats are around Pride Sovereign? There are 11. Enough trivia. Thanks to Ixalan we got to play with neat tribes like Pirates and Dinosaurs which were very refreshing and to be honest, were tastefully made. But as what the title of today's blog suggests, I want to go back... Continue Reading →

Green White Vampires

Kudos to Jack Kiefer who brewed up a GW Vampire list that topped 64 in the SCG Open Forth Worth. You can take a look at his list here. On face value the deck looks like a mashup of low-to-the-ground green/white creatures that gets bigger as it goes wider. Duskborne Skymarcher, Adanto Vanguard, Rishkar, Peema... Continue Reading →

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