Hello Alchemists, While I was browsing through the cards I've cracked open, drafted, or won in MTG Arena, I was surprised that I could actually build this deck circulating briefly in the internet called Punisher Burn. People said it was a dark horse that can take down FNMs consistently well. Seth from MTG Goldfish wrote... Continue Reading →

Rakdos Token Control

Hello Brewers! I decided to upgrade the configuration of the token's deck and turn it into a control deck with the combo built-in to the shell. I felt it was very well positioned against today's meta of BG midrange, WW/RW Aggro, Mono-U and Mono-Red. Looking at the control decks of the format, the deck also... Continue Reading →

Desecrated Graves

Hello Alchemists, I got a very spicy idea for a deck that came to me when I was sorting the draft chaffs, prize packs, and binder left-overs I had over the weekend. WotC purposely prints build-around cards for brewers to exploit and I think I found two of my favorites. Desecrated Tomb and Open the... Continue Reading →

Goblin in Standard!

Hello guys, I know I said in my last article here that it was my last entry for the meantime but here I am writing another entry to calm my nerves and just get my mind off of the preparations and just relax for a bit. I received some requests to build a new Goblin... Continue Reading →

Rakdos Midrange

Hello everyone, I received 2 messages over social media that my Rakdos Control deck helped them get 3-1 and 4-0 runs in Standard Showdown and MTGO respectively. I tweaked the deck and turned it to a midrange deck in anticipation of very grindy match-ups and I wanted to have more win conditions that just Belzenlok... Continue Reading →

Rakdos Control

Hello everyone, This article is solely dedicated to my very depressing experience playing against the UW Control deck that features Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. Teferi in a control shell is super difficult to deal with, extremely challenging to remove thanks to Blink of an Eye (or multiple copies), and has the ability to self protect... Continue Reading →

Arti-Pirates ver 1.0

Hello Alchemist, Just arrived in Indonesia and managed to settle down and write an entry I've been tinkering throughout the 7 hour connecting flight. If you have ways to play or make artifacts, and happen to play Rakdos, there is no reason not to play Unlicensed Disintegration. In my deck post and recent 8-1 run... Continue Reading →

Pia’s Revolution

Hello everyone, I just got back from Singapore and managed to squeeze some modern games at night and stumbled upon Scrap Trawler being used in the Krark-Clan Ironworks (KCI) combo deck and while seeing it in action, I wanted to do something similar in Standard. In Standard, Scrap Trawler looks unimpressive because it needs an... Continue Reading →

Angrath Control

With Protour Rivals of Ixalan in the books, we all witnessed the power of precision control elements that can deprive opponents from playing normal Magic. Ensnaring Bridge together with a hand-less strategy and milling your opponent off of key cards that can remove the Bridge was a solid game plan against a meta filled with... Continue Reading →

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