Hi everyone! Welcome back to the Lab! I'm sure that when you read today's article, you would probably know that we're playing a lot of cards that say "Destroy target something". Now you're probably asking, "what do you plan to destroy?". The answer is simple: anything and everything! The unicorn dream here is to lock... Continue Reading →

Jund Value.dec

Gonti, Lord of Luxury is one of my favorite cards in standard and I pre-ordered 4 copies because I knew he was a decent piece in a mid-range deck. Cards with ETB abilities can be treated as a 2-in-1 card because you get a creature and a spell-based effect in 1 card. Gonti has a... Continue Reading →

Jund Tower in Ixalan Standard

Hello everyone, I'm sure everyone is busy buying the perfect gift for their loved ones and family. For us Magic players, the best gifts are deck boxes, sleeves, accessories and of course, tons and tons of singles and sealed products. Before we go crazy this season, I'd like to share a couple for more decks... Continue Reading →

Jund Tower

I won't deny that the energy mechanic is powerful, and is capable of warping the meta that forces players to either play with it or prepare to play against it. With high quality creatures that grow bigger, self protects, generates card advantage and creates a wide board presence using energy as a resource is a... Continue Reading →

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