Explorational Frenzy

Welcome back everyone! I hope you guys have survived your self-induced food coma and are ready to come back to Standard. With Ravnica Allegiance spoiling soon, we will surely have a lot of new toys to play with here in the Lab. Gabe, a friend of mine from Team Champ, referred me to a R/G... Continue Reading →

Combustible Ghalta

Let this sink in. Before Ghalta got printed, Combustible Gearhulk usually hits betwee 0 to 18 because it normally goes to a deck that's filled with 6-drops. Saffron Olive made a deck that he called "6-drop Tribal" where everything in the deck costs 6 to maximize Combustible's damage output. There's currently an RG Monster list... Continue Reading →

Oh My Gha-lta!

Hello Alchemists! I hope everybody's pre-release were exciting and action packed! Nothing feels better than merfolks killing dinosaurs and vampires sucking on pirates in Ixalan, right? I recently got emails requesting to update some of the decks I've posted with new cards from Rivals. I think this was a valid request and I guess it's... Continue Reading →

Red Green Panharmonisaur

I bet you'd agree when I say that Panharmonicon is an awesome card after you untap with it. It boosts the effectiveness of creatures and artifacts hitting the battlefield without adding anything to the cost, giving us more value for our mana. Particularly with ETB triggers that affect the board state like destroying something, gaining... Continue Reading →

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