Grixis T4 Kill

Hello everyone, I got a very promising, and spicy deck that can finally resemble a combo deck in Standard. The nearest 'combo' like deck is the Phoenix deck but it isn't really a combo deck per se. What I'll be showing you is a potential list I'm sure (or hope) pro players will perfect once... Continue Reading →

Burn! Baby Burn! Burn!

Hello Alchemist, While all of us are still probably talking about the breakout decks of Pro Tour 25th Anniversary, I was very happy that the pro players did not disappoint in bringing in a couple of breakout decks to give the different formats some spice. Nexus Turns, Bridge Vine and a lot of classic but... Continue Reading →

How to Train a Dragon

Nope, this isn't a movie review but I think the movie's title is apt in post-rotation standard thanks to Nicol Bolas' family joining the crew and Sarkhan coming back. In the recent MTGO 5-0 league results, we can see Nicol Bolas getting splashed in RB decks, UB TSG decks, and Grixis Energy lists. A 4-mana... Continue Reading →

Grixis Treasure

Hello guys, I know some of you guys are very sad visiting the page and not see new content getting published but it's just becoming busier at work now. I am open to have co-writers here especially for other formats so if you're interested, please drop me a message! I am a fan of block-specific... Continue Reading →

Bolas’ Invocation

Good evening everyone! It's been hectic at work that's why I couldn't write as quickly and as often these days but I try my best to bring you content as consistent as I can! If you've been following, I made a deck a few days ago using Sunbird's Invocation and maximizing the explosiveness of red... Continue Reading →

I’ll take that!

When I was still playing EDH quite competitively with my playgroup, I used Sakashima, the Imposter as my commander and played all the "control magic' spells available to blue at that time. I didn't run so much creatures to blank their removals and instead chose to gain control of their threats, or copy them. Funny... Continue Reading →

Grixis Amulet

How do you make a good spell great? Cast it once and resolve it twice, that's how! Imagine being able to cast Opt and get to scry and draw twice for 1 blue mana. That's exactly what Primal Amulet does and in a deck full of cantrips, removal and counter magic, it's an equation for... Continue Reading →

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