GRN = Going ‘Round Nexus

Wow. 2 weeks of zero writing, zero articles, zero deck techs. I'm so ashamed. After GP Hong Kong, which I lost in the win-and-in with Esper Mill, I really had to come back in full swing to catch up with work, wedding preparations, home renovations and last minute stuff here and there. While I was... Continue Reading →

Bant Boggles in Standard

Hello everyone, Welcome back! GP Brussels is now done and the top 8 couldn't have been more diverse. Chainwhirler, Nexus of Fate, Torrential, Scarab God, Chromium, Teferi, Hazoret, God-Pharoah's Gift and the other members of Tier 1 club were all represented. Not to mention there were a lot of rogue decks that went 7-0 or... Continue Reading →

Walking Walls

Everyone who plays commander knows how strong Doran, The Siege Tower is. Essentially a 3-mana 5/5 that can deal a bunch of damage very quickly, very early in the game is an overall good aggressive strategy. Arcades, the Strategist reeks of build-around because of this unique benefit of playing creatures with defender and win through... Continue Reading →

Bant Lands

Today I took a deck I read about and studied online that was piloted by Jim Davis which he called Bant Lands. Basically its an Approach deck at its core but instead of playing a straight control shell, Jim played a more proactive list using ramp to accelerate his mana, thin his deck and cast... Continue Reading →

Bountiful Christmas is Approaching

Merry Christmas fellow Alchemist! For those who celebrate this holiday, I wish you and your family great bonding this season, good food and awesome gifts. For those who don't celebrate Christmas, I hope this time of year gives you time to rest and take a break, meet friends and reconnect with family. Speaking of bountiful... Continue Reading →

Bant Walker Control

Hello Alchemists! I'm sure the title of today's deck tech got your curiosity bone vibrating because I've been saving this deck tech for quite a while written on gas receipts somewhere in my wallet. With the rotation of Ob Nixilis Reignited, Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, the variety of Planeswalkers you... Continue Reading →

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