[STD] Selesnya Enchantress

Hello Brewers,

With Brothers’ War coming soon, the Standard format will be in full swing again! As you read this, you might also be anticipating the banned & restricted announcement that is rumored to hit some staples in Modern and Pioneer. So let’s stick to Standard for now, and see if we can break some cards ourselves!

I must admit I have my list of favorite cards and Weaver of Harmony definitely is among them, at least in the most recent standard set. Doubling any triggers, especially those designed to have delays built onto them, is broken! Let’s take an example in Wedding Announcement. Essentially it takes the enchantment over the course of 3 turns including the turn you cast it to turn into an anthem. You also need to attack twice with two creatures to get the maximum value (given you didn’t attack with 2 creatures on the turn you cast it). But if for some reason you are able to attack with 2 creatures in 2 turns, you can still flip it thanks to Weaver’s ability as it copies not just the ‘draw a card’ trigger but also copies the counter being placed on it.

Did I mention this was an aggressive deck? Opening a hand with Generous Visitor or Kami of Transience can be subtle but if left unchecked can get out of Cut Down’s range very quickly. Although they aren’t enchantment sources which makes Weaver unable to copy their triggers, there are many other effects in the deck that make these early threats punch through 7-10 damage before turn 5.

Michiko’s Reight of Truth is our buff spell with steroids. It triggers Generous Visitors’ cast effect as well as Kami of Transience’s, then once it hits the table, it buffs them again for a lot if you have Weaver and Jukai out. You can respond to the chapter’s trigger and copy it with Weaver’s ability and you’ll end up with a 10/10 Kami of Transience with TRAMPLE hitting on turn 4. How?

Turn 1 – Forest, tap F, cast Generous Visitor
Turn 2 – Plains, tap WG, cast Kami of Transience
Turn 3 – Forest, tap WG, cast Jukai Naturalist, tap G Weaver, Kami of Transience gets four +1/+1 counters (5/5)
Turn 4 – Plains, tap W, cast Michiko (Kami gets two +1/+1, 7/7), trigger on the stack, tap G to copy with Weaver, Michiko gives a total of +6/+6 making your Kami hit for 13/13. Tap W, and you can still cast the Wedding Ceremony.

The deck is stupid good and has helped me get back to Platinium 2 from Bronze 4 in Standard BO1 Ranked. Here’s the decklist!


The sideboard is definitely a work in progress but it attempts to respond to a portion of the meta that’s quite defined.

Bamboo Grove Archer is an early durable blocker for mono-red, mono-black, and mono-blue. The Channel ability is sweet against Haughty Djinn as well! Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr helps us with the damage race and gives us that ‘reach’ to finish the game in the event we’re left with 1 active creature and a bunch of Sagas lying around.

Circle of Confinement is an added removal that comes in enchantment form to help us with the triggers, which you can also copy with Weaver of Harmony allowing you to exile two creatures instead of 1! Destroy Evil as our removal of bigger creatures like Titan of Industry and Sheoldred, and does a neat trick of killing Fable of the Mirrorbreaker, and Fight Rigging! Lastly, Tamiyo’s Safekeeping is our answer to sweepers, allowing us to continue hitting with that one last dude that gets pumped by Michiko’s reign!

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed the short deck tech! It’s a relatively cheap deck to build which gives you a great play experience as we continue to watch how the standard meta will evolve into!



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