Dimir Rats

Happy holidays everyone! Before everyone goes on with their family gatherings and reunions, and before we all go into a food coma, here’s a deck tech I’d like to share that’s a lot of fun to play and horse around in Diamond rank.

Dimir Rats

Why call it Dimir Rats when you only have 4 legit rats in the deck? Well, I still count Yarok’s Fenlurker a functional pseudo-reprint of Ravenous Rats from sets of old.

Yarok's FenlurkerRavenous RatsBurglar Rat

Thought Erasure completes the 2-mana discard package which works well with Disinformation Campaign, which also helps us cut our opponent’s hand size drastically.

Run Away TogetherUnexplained DisappearanceBrazen Borrower

Run Away Together is a very flavorful card from Throne of Eldraine which I love abusing “together” with our Rats. Imagine a line of play where we have our opponent’s hand down to zero. Then he draws a creature card and plays it. At the end of his turn, we cast Run Away Together and have his powerful threat play cops and robbers with one of our rats. On our turn, we play our rat and the opponent will discard the creature we bounced a while back. Now that’s funny!

Brazen Borrower is just an overall versatile card we can play that’s on theme with our overall game plan. A 3 power beater in the air can close games quickly once we get our opponent locked and relying on their top deck.

Unexplained Disappearance is another combat trick and unsummon card we can play in conjunction with our rats. But these bounce effects are not just to toy with our opponent, they can do serious work if we bounce Gadwick, the Wizened which we have three in the deck.

Gadwick, the WizenedThe Haunt of Hightower

Gadwick is a great tempo card we can use to tap down our opponent’s permanents so our rats can swing in. Together with our bounce spells, we can use Gadwick to refill our grip with more threats to close the game.

And with so many cards going into our opponent’s graveyard, The Haunt of Hightower is an awesome in-flavor top curve we can play to maximize his ability to grow bigger whenever a card hits the opponent’s graveyard.

The sideboard is mainly against control decks that play a lot of countermagic which also prevents us from executing our game plan.

Mystical DisputeNegateDuress

Mystical Dispute and Negate are great against Teferi, Time Raveler on the play or on the draw. Duress snipes Planeswalkers, Fires of Invention, Witch’s Oven, Trail of Crumbs, Casualties of War, etc.

Murderous RiderReaper of Night

We also pack an adventure package in the side with Murderous Rider answering any topdecked threats while Reaper of Night is an un-Duress-able discarder and functions as a sizeable threat when cast from exile. Remember when you cast these cards as creatures you can use your bounce spells to target them and replay their Adventure effect again.

Dimir Rats - Budget

Here’s a budget version of the deck, we basically removed the Brazen Borrowers for Unsummons. Replaced the shock lands with more basic. We also removed Murderous Rider from the side and replaced it with Noxious Grasp since it kills the same thing we want to be killed with Rider (e.g. Teferi, Questing Beast).

With most of our funds going into gifts and food, let’s continue to enjoy our last few tournaments before we go into the next decade with Dimir Rats!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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