Golem Stockpile

Hello everyone,

It’s Saturday morning and I picked up an idea while I was taking my BW tokens deck apart. BW and Abzan tokens are the most successful go-wide strategy in standard as of late and much to their success is the crazy synergy that the deck plays.

Hidden StockpileAnointed Procession

Hidden Stockpile is the main cog in the token’s engine and Anointed Procession is what shifts it to high gear. The deck plays a lot of sacrificial permanents like Renegade Map, Evolving Wilds, Ifnir Deadlands, Shefet Dunes and multiple copies of Legion’s Landing to trigger its legendary mechanic guarantees that Hidden Stockpile’s revolt trigger will always kick in at your end step. It is also self sustaining because it leaves behind a 1/1 servo you can use to block, or sacrifice later to trigger revolt and scry to find Anointed Procession or answers depending on the board state.

Underhanded Designs

I initially built my tokens deck by replacing Regal Caracal and Sunscourge Champion with Underhanded Designs which allows me to train my opponent every end step when Hidden Stockpile dumps a bunch of servos into the battlefield. The lack of creatures in my build essentially mutes my opponent’s removal in game 1 unless they decide to get rid of Anointer Priest for more embalming action later.

Golden GuardianGold-Forge Garrison

But what I really like to to jam Golden Guardian into the equation and potentially have the ability to churn multiple golems thanks to Anointed Procession. A 4/4 for 4 mana that flips into a 4/4 generator is a great card but because it needs to fight and die, we need to build around it. Key point to take note off is that Golden Guardian does not need to lose the fight in order for it to die. It can fight a 1/1 servo, win it, then you can sacrifice it to Hidden Stockpile and the trigger will still happen which flips it into Gold-Forge Garrison.

Fatal PushCast OutFumigate

There’s no point not running the usual removal suite which Token decks already use. Fatal Push is not only for little things but since the deck is quite good in triggering revolt with Renegade Map and Evolving Wilds, you can actually have Golden Guardian fight a 1/1 Vampire token from Legion’s Landing (gain the 1 life), then Push it to flip.

Legion's LandingAdanto, the First FortAnointer Priest

Games can go really long and we need ways to stabilize and turn the corner once we get an advantage. Legion’s Landing is a great turn 1 play because it stops early aggression like Bomat Couriers or Earthshaker Khenra. Anointer Priest is the deck’s fountain of youth in multiples. Thanks to its embalm ability, reaching 40 life is easy with an Anointed Procession out in the field.

Treasure MapTreasure Cove

The tokens deck sucks in card advantage. Yes it can scry down to help you ‘dig’ for cards but it doesn’t really get the cards to your hand. Treasure Map helps mitigate this limitation by helping you dig deeper then leaves behind 3-12 treasures (if you have Procession out) that you can pitch for cards (and trigger Revolt at the same time).

Here’s my list, and thankfully I haven’t fully unsleeved my token deck.

Creature: 8

4 Anointer Priest

4 Golden Guardian

Noncreature: 21

4 Legion’s Landing

4 Hidden Stockpile

2 Treasure Map

3 Renegade Map

4 Anointed Procession

4 Cast Out

Spells: 8

4 Fatal Push

4 Fumigate

Lands: 23

4 Evolving Wildes

4 Concealed Courtyard

3 Ifnir Deadlands

3 Shefet Dunes

5 Swamp

4 Plains

Sideboard: 15

4 Regal Caracal

2 Sunscourge Champion

3 Dreamstealer

3 Duress

2 Crook of Condemnation

Sunscourge ChampionRegal Caracal

The pros know what they’re doing and putting these 2 life gain creatures in the main board was to respect aggro decks like Mono Red, Red Black Aggro, BW Vampires, RG Monsters and the likes. I prefer them in the sideboard because Golden Guardian does a great job blocking. I want them in the sideboard because they both work well with Anointed Procession. Making two 4/4s and gaining 8 life and the ability to clutter the board with 4-8 2/2 life link cats is brutal against decks that have problems closing the game once you life total begins to tick back up.


Against control decks, I prefer mixing Duress with Dreamstealer. Push gets replaced with by Duress against decks that don’t run creatures. If the control player decides to side in more Negates, they will be surprised seeing Dreamstealer getting cast. With Anointed Procession out, multiple 4/4 menace discarding creatures is a pain to get rid off especially when the opponent is left top decking throughout the rest of the game.

Crook of Condemnation

Lastly, we will play Crook of Condemnation to respect Scarab God decks. We don’t want them going crazy over our own crazy ideas. It also stops Azcanta’s from flipping, slows down Gate to the Afterlife, negates GPGs and mirror embalm/eternalize decks. We can also sacrifice it to trigger Revolt if needed.

That’s it for now, I hope you guys enjoy the weekend. I’m off to play some standard showdowns with the deck I just blogged about last night.



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