Vivid Totem (aka Vivid Lantern)

Hello everyone! I promised I'll revisit this pet deck of mine and here I am with some match report, climbing from Gold 4-0/6 to Gold 2-2/6. The journey wasn't easy and the deck had several minor revisions between Tier 3 and Tier 2 as the meta became a bit more aggressive. First swap I did... Continue Reading →

Abzan’s Ruinous Blast

Hello Alchemists, Before we all become busy with the Christmas rush because tomorrow's the last weekend before Christmas, it's a pay day, and it's probably your last chance to buy gifts before kris kringles start, why not cap the week off with another deck tech? This is my gift to you! There was a time... Continue Reading →

Enchantress in Standard

Hello everyone, It has been a very long since I logged in to the Lab and I've been wanting to get back to writing but a lot of things have me pinned down. Married life is awesome and it's not what people say it is (or maybe I'm just listening to the wrong people haha!)... Continue Reading →

Abzan GPS

Hello everyone, To those who kept visiting the page but couldn't see any new content, I apologize. It's been quite busy at work since we're approaching the end of the year. However I stumbled upon a brew that looks exciting and interesting. This brew was triggered by my friend borrowing my Chandra, Torch of Defiance... Continue Reading →

Finding Solemnity

In the aftermath of SCG Open Dallas Fort Worth, tons of decks showed up in the top 64 and the popular gauntlets were very well represented as we expect they would. Look at the breakdown below! 27 Energy variants which include Temur Energy/Aggro, Sultai, 4-Color, Pummler, GB and Dynavolt Towers (42%) 19 Ramunap Red (29%)... Continue Reading →

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